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JT-1040 casting parameters:

Artificial stone cast molded article for dense (vacuum) or non-dense (no vacuum), textured or clear (no texture)

1. Casting amount 10-40Kg/min

2. Filler particle size ≤5.0mm

3. Total unit power: 37.5KW, 3X380V, 50Hz

4. Compressed air consumption: about 100L/min at 6-8ba

5. Vacuum mixing system: 4.3m3 stainless steel stirred tank (steam or oil, water as heating medium)

6. A set of 250L conveying device

7. A set of initiator metering devices (including 1 precision gear pump, 1 flow monitor)

8. A set of primary color metering device: 20L storage tank, frequency control

9. Set of pattern color output devices

10. A set of automatic cleaning device, the pressure inside the tank is ≤ 4bar.

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