2T constant temperature mixer

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2T constant temperature mixer:

2T double-layer heating mixer is suitable for mass production. Resin, ATH, CaCo3, pigment and accelerator are mixed into the mixer at one time. Combined with vacuum mixer, it can double the output and is an effective method to solve the color difference of the plate. It is especially suitable for production in low temperature in northern China. The double jacket can be heated by water, oil and steam. The temperature of the resin mixture is controlled at a constant temperature by the temperature controller. It is not necessary to adjust the ratio of raw materials due to the change of temperature difference in the external environment. 2T constant temperature mixer It is a necessary equipment to stabilize product quality.

2T technical parameters:

1.Mixer power:11KW

2.Mixer shaft:108*10mm

3.Stirring shaft length:1500mm

4.Reaction vessel inner diameter:1600mm

Reactor jacket inner diameter:1750mm

Two ear spacing:2050mm

5.Total Weight:1800Kg

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