V-type mixer

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The main purpose:

V-shaped forced mixing mixer is mainly used for uniform mixing of powdery, granular and other materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food and other industries.

Structural features:

The V-shaped forced mixing mixer is mainly composed of a mixing barrel, a frame, a transmission system, an electrical system and the like. It uses two asymmetric barrels, which are mixed by gravity, and the materials are continuously concentrated in the barrel and continuously dispersed. Generally, after mixing for about 5-15 minutes, the two kinds of powder and granular materials are well mixed uniformly, especially suitable for the proportion of two or more materials, and the dispersion is large, and the mixing uniformity is 99. More than %, the inner and outer walls of the mixing barrel are precision polished, the surface is smooth, flat, no dead angle, easy to clean. There is no jitter, no noise, convenient maintenance during the working process of the transmission system, and the electrical control is precise and sensitive. The stainless steel butterfly valve is used for discharging, no leakage, no dust flying. The machine is designed to be unique, beautiful in appearance and versatile, and is an ideal equipment for mixing materials.

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