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Vacuum mixer:

When the resin mixture is stirred, bubbles will be generated, especially small bubbles distributed inside the mixture. The interface is stable and difficult to break. The forced vacuum stirring is used to remove the bubbles in the mixture to make the plate denser and improve the product quality. This machine is the key equipment for the production of artificial stone products, so that the materials run in the vacuum, so as to achieve the ideal effect of mixing evenly and removing bubbles.

Z-40 vacuum mixer

Total power:3.0KW


Rotating speed:80rpm

Material capacity:60L

Container capacity:75L

Total Weight:290kg


Z-50 Vacuum mixer

Total power:2.2KW


Rotating speed:66rpm

Material capacity:75L

Container capacity:100L

Total Weight:780kg


Z-200 Vacuum lift mixer

1.The kettle body can be heated by electric heating, steam heating and oil water circulation.

2.The double-frame stirring slurry or the pulp-leaf slurry with scraping bottom in the kettle rotates at the same time as the revolution, so that the material moves up and down and around, and achieves full mixing in a short time.

3.The mixing and rotation of the stirring slurry and the high-speed disperser in the kettle adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and different rotation speeds can be selected according to different processes and resins with different viscosities.

Technical parameters: revolution motor power:7.5KW

Revolution speed:0-46rpm

Frame speed:0-100rpm

Dispersed speed:0-1500rpm(Double power)

Scraper speed:0-46rpm

Total Weight:2800Kg

Lifting stroke:840mm


Z-100 Vacuum hydraulic mixer

Technical parameters: total power:5.5KW


Material capacity:120L

Total Weight:850Kg


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